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Dedicated to educating the public about wild animals; working closely with schools and other non-profit organizations.







About Predators in Action Founder, Randy Miller

Randy is available as an exotic animal expert and consultant for:

  • interviews
  • projects
  • research
  • developing safety protocols 
  • also available as an Expert Witness

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Randy has retired as an animal trainer (and Predators in Action no longer provides animals for filming in the entertainment industry).

What It’s Like to be a Lion Tamer

Read this Esquire article and get the inside scoop on life as a professional big cat trainer. Learn how Randy Miller made his big break, and how he landed the first World Stunt Academy Award ever, in 2001.


Randy Miller Wins First World Stunt Award For Gladiator

Highlighted Stunts

View more videos via our Vimeo.

Jurassic World’s Animal Wrangler

Read This Guardian article about Randy’s work: how he schooled Chris Pratt and took a tiger bite for Russell Crowe.

A Behind the Scenes Look

Watch this scene from National Geographic Television: Hunter and Hunted – Mangrove Maneaters.

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Attack on Hollywood: Trainer Specializes in Staged Animal Assaults

Read about what sets Randy Miller apart from the rest of his industry in his LA Times feature.

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